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    I can without a doubt say that Dave Lewters Boxing Class and Gym are by far the best mental and physical workout.There is nothing better then feeling like you can do just about anything when your done with Lewters class.Dave is so passionate when it comes to teaching or talking with one of his students.If your looking to get into shape and learn something that is very valuable,coming to Dave Lewters Gym is the best thing for you.
    Robert Adams
    No matter how long the day may be, I walk through the door of Dave Lewter’s Boxing & Fitness and I feel my mood start to change. Twenty minutes in and I am sweating….and smiling. I know all about endorphins and such. But its more than that. The atmosphere is challenging and encouraging, welcoming all levels to come in and thrive. Its Dave. He really gets people. Somehow he brings a level of warmth to the sport of boxing, making it an attainable hobby, or more, to everyone who enters the door. Thanks Dave!
    Linda Brownstein
    I have had the most enjoyable experience attending Dave Lewter’s Boxing and Fitness. I first joined the gym to exercise and learn the technical form of boxing, but my journey has developed into so much more. It was apparent from day one how eager and enthused Mr. Lewter is about his instruction. It is hard to put this into words, but every class seems almost “magical” in the sense that Mr. Lewter’s passion really seems to shine through. His love of boxing is very apparent throughout the gym. My expectation of exercise and learning a new sport have been far exceeded. I would recommend this boxing school to anyone of any age.
    Mark Pruzansky